What’s in my bag?

mimifaktur_whats in my bag

What’s in my bag? – a photographic status report I made for Oh Comely’s „Perfect Strangers“ Swap

1: mobile phone (also used as a camera when I don’t have a camera with me)

2: ginger candies (they’re so spicy they are the perfect wake-me-up)

3: my favourite ink pen

4: magazine or book (varies)

5: tiny penknife and scissors (a handy little tool for making collages, collecting thorny rose hips and all that)

6: sketchbook (very dear to me)

7: public transport ticket (I love reusing the ticket holder I got in London, it reminds me daily of one of my favourite towns)

8: pencil

9: ipod (music or audio books – depending on my mood)

10: my wallet (one of a kind made by Berlin based designers stulle)

11: sunglasses (summer’s my favourite season. whenever I’m wearing my sunglasses I feel like it’s summer!)



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